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USA TODAY: Calif. female inmates sterilized illegally

June 20, 2014

The California State Auditor on Thursday blasted federal and state oversight of sterilization surgeries for female prison inmates, finding numerous illegal surgeries and violations of the state's informed consent law.

SACRAMENTO BEE: March for Democracy

June 20, 2014

A dozen activists with the group 99Rise have marched from Los Angeles to Sacramento over the past month to protest the "corrupting influence of big money in politics." They will arrive at the Capitol on Sunday at 2 p.m., where they will be joined by supporters, including Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, activist Dolores Huerta and recent Secretary of State candidate Derek Cressman, for a rally urging the Legislature to take action.

SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE: Inmates were sterilized illegally

June 20, 2014

Story by Corey G. Johnson

The California State Auditor today blasted federal and state oversight of sterilization surgeries for female prison inmates, finding numerous illegal surgeries and violations of the state’s informed consent law.

GOVERNMENT TECHNOLOGY: California Moves to Block Illegal Data-Gathering

May 28, 2014

The Golden State may restrict state cooperation with federal agencies seeking data without a valid warrant.

If the federal government wants help rifling through the electronic data of California citizens, it must show it has a valid warrant to ensure state agency cooperation, under a bill being considered by lawmakers.

KNBC-TV 4 LOS ANGELES: CA Bill Aims to Protect Residents' Privacy in NSA Data Collection

May 20, 2014

A California bill aims to tighten rules governing how the federal government would be able to access cellphone and computer records
The California Senate on Monday passed legislation that would require a judge to issue a warrant before the NSA can collect information from anyone in the state.

Senate Bill 828 was created in response to repeated federal admissions of widespread warrantless spying on innocent American citizens, said the bill's author, Ted Lieu, D-Torrance.

LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS: Prostitution in Los Angeles: Cracking down on johns and pimps

June 18, 2014

(This is one in a series or stories by the Daily News on this topic. To read the others, click HERE:)

Police, prosecutors and legislators are cracking down on pimps and johns, traditionally the least likely offenders in the underground sex trade to see jail time.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Big boost for Arts Council

June 18, 2014

If governor OKs it, grant-making agency will see state funding rise by $4 million
By Mike Boehm: Entertainment Desk

It isn't all that the state Legislature's arts allies had hoped for, but the 2014-15 budget recently passed by the Senate and Assembly includes $5 million for the California Arts Council -- the first increase in taxpayer funds the agency has had in 11 years.

SANTA MONICA MIRROR: Santa Monica's ISU Bob Gabriel Co. Insurance Named ‘Business Of The Year’

June 17, 2014
06-16-14 PotterBizHonorees.JPG

State Senator Ted Lieu on Monday honored ISU Bob Gabriel Co. Insurance owner Susan Gabriel Potter with the 2014 Business of the Year Award for his Senate district as part of the annual California Small Business Day.

“Since 1962, ISU Bob Gabriel Company Insurance has been a shining example of the dedication that small businesses have in serving their communities,” Lieu said. “Susan’s commitment to community involvement serves as an inspiration to all Californians.”

SACRAMENTO BUSINESS JOURNAL: Lawmakers seek to reform for-profit colleges

April 30, 2014

By Allen Young

Lawmakers are considering legislation that would seek to improve the regulatory structure around private nonprofit and for-profit colleges.

For decades, for-profit colleges have struggled under allegations of poor quality and weak regulation. The ongoing argument is that the sector takes a disproportionate amount of federal financial aid dollars and produces more than its share of students who default on those loans.

In 2009, lawmakers approved the most recent iteration of a regulatory platform for private colleges operating in California.

ABC-TV 10 SAN DIEGO:Team 10 examines number of criminals monitored by GPS

April 15, 2014

By: Melissa Mecija 

SAN DIEGO - With Orange County detectives looking at two sex offenders in connection with four murders, Team 10 looked into the number of criminals in San Diego County currently monitored by GPS tracking devices.

There are currently several men listed on the California Department of Corrections website that have failed to register with the GPS monitoring program. Their offenses range from indecent exposure to child molestation.

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