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LOS ANGELES TIMES: Lieu urges big budget hike to $25 million for state arts grants

February 12, 2014
02-12-14 TedArtsTHREE.jpeg

By Mike Boehm
State Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) said Wednesday that he would submit a bill that would commit at least $25 million a year from state tax coffers to California’s government arts grant making agency, the California Arts Council.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: State's creative jobs paying well but less plentiful, report says

February 07, 2014

By Mike Boehm
February 7, 2014, 10:50 a.m.

Mamas, do let your babies grow up to be creative types -- preferably with skills that would appeal to an Internet company or a software publisher, since, on average, people who design video games and online apps and the like make more money than people who take bows on stages, play roles on screens or write the lines actors deliver.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Human trafficking targeted

February 10, 2014

By Laura Olson
SACRAMENTO -- Prosecutors would get more tools to crack down on the people who buy and sell children and teenagers for sex if a package of legislation reaches the governor's desk.

The changes would expand upon protections approved in 2012's Proposition 35, which increased fines and penalties for human traffickers.

Lawmakers and advocates at a Thursday news conference on the legislation said state officials need to do more to protect victims from buyers.

KFBK RADIO: Bill would target johns instead of prostitutes

February 07, 2014

A series of bills targeting sex crimes are being introduced at the State Capitol.  One, in particular, is taking a new approach:

A bi-partisan effort, led by Democratic Senator Ted Lieu, aims to protect children from sexual exploitation and slavery by targeting those who BUY the sex.

"People who solicit the prostitutes, who engage in the sex, we wanna flip the paradigm and go after them and therefore decrease economic incentive to do so," said Lieu.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC RADIO/KPCC: Report draws picture of California's 'creative economy'

February 06, 2014

California’s creative culture is often linked with Hollywood movies, and the music business. Or Silicon Valley, and its social networks.  

But a new report released today shows that California's creative jobs stem from a wide range of industries, and together, contributed $155 billion to the state's economy in 2012.

CAPITOL ALERT: The business of art

February 07, 2014

With support from the California Arts Council, Otis College of Art and Design has completed an analysis of the state's "creative economy," examining the impact of sectors such as the entertainment industry and nonprofit organizations. The report, an expansion of the school's annual assessment of the Los Angeles region, will be released today at 3:30 p.m. at a reception in Santa Monica. State Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, plans to hold a hearing on the report next Wednesday.

HERMOSA BEACH EASY READER: Hermosa Beach to receive $200,000 in grants for environmental projects

January 31, 2014

By Chelsea Sektnan

Hermosa Beach city staff have been relentless in their pursuit of grants, and this week the effort paid off as it was announced the city will receive $200,000 from two different programs. The funds are intended improve the city’s environmental quality of life and monitor the impacts of climate change.

MAIL ONLINE (UK): Trampoline "jump gym" craze sweeping th U.S. is putting people at risk of broken bones, paralysis and even DEATH

August 12, 2013

By Michelle Price

Stephen Merrill was finishing his freshman year of college two years ago when he and a group of friends went to an indoor trampoline park in Utah for a day of flipping, jumping and bouncing. At one point, Merrill leaped from a platform into a pit full of foam blocks, and he shot right through them and landed on his head. He broke a vertebra in his neck, and was left paralysed from the neck down.

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