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Gov. Brown signs Ted Lieu bill cracking down on cheating contractors

September 17, 2014

Sen. Ted Lieu Measure goes after unsafe work

SACRAMENTO – Gov. Brown today signed into law a plan by Sen. Ted Lieu to help curb California’s underground economy by cracking down on contractors who cheat.

Innocence Project-backed plan to allow expanded DNA testing goes to governor

August 29, 2014

Measure would make it easier for wrongfully convicted prisoners to obtain testing

SACRAMENTO – Wrongfully convicted prisoners would have improved access to scientific testing of evidence under a Sen. Ted Lieu bill that went to Gov. Brown today.

Senate sends governor Sen. Ted Lieu bill on ‘pay for success’ partnerships to help the poor - and taxpayers

August 28, 2014

SACRAMENTO – As a way to restore key social programs at no cost to California taxpayers, the California Senate today approved and sent to Gov. Brown a chamber of commerce-backed plan to launch pilot programs run by non-governmental groups that would get paid only if they succeed.

Senate approves Ted Lieu bill prohibiting California from cooperating in mass spying; now on way to governor

August 28, 2014
06-25-14 NSA Logo SB828.jpg

Bipartisan measure a response to illegal snooping by feds

SACRAMENTO – In response to repeated federal admissions of widespread warrantless spying on innocent American citizens, the California Senate today passed and sent to Gov. Brown bipartisan legislation that would ban the state from supporting or assisting the federal government in unconstitutional spying on Golden State citizens. 

Sen. Ted Lieu calls for investigation of psychotropic drug prescriptions for minors

August 28, 2014

Action follows reports overprescribing foster children

SACRAMENTO – In response to a newspaper series that showed inappropriate prescriptions of psychotropic drugs to foster children, Sen. Ted Lieu, chair of the Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee, today announced he was calling on the California Medical Board to investigate.

Lawmakers embrace agreement for renewed tax credit to help film/TV industries

August 27, 2014
08-20-14 FilmRallySENATEPIX.jpg

Principal co-author Sen. Ted Lieu supports deal

SACRAMENTO – Sen. Ted Lieu of Redondo Beach, principal co-author of a bill to expand tax credits to help California’s renowned film and TV industries remain competitive, today praised a bipartisan agreement between Gov. Brown and stakeholders.

Sen. Ted Lieu-backed privacy bill calls for increase protections from drone surveillance

August 26, 2014
08-26-14 Drone.jpg

Bipartisan measure returns to Assembly for final vote

SACRAMENTO – The California Senate today on a bipartisan vote approved a plan backed by Sen. Ted Lieu that would provide greater privacy protections to Californians by establishing basic restrictions on governmental use of unmanned aerial surveillance systems, or “drones.”

The measure now returns to the Assembly for concurrence.

Sen. Ted Lieu commends ILWU for unloading Israeli-flagged cargo vessel

August 25, 2014

SACRAMENTO – In response to attempts by anti-Israel Boycott Divest Sanction protestors to stop longshore workers at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach from unloading an Israeli-flagged cargo vessel, state Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Redondo Beach, released the following statement:

Senate OKs message to feds: Clean up dangerous leaded aviation fuel ASAP

August 22, 2014

Measure seeks to reduce lead exposure

SACRAMENTO – In an effort to help clear the air of brain-damaging, airborne lead, the California Senate today approved a resolution urging the federal government to speed up efforts to promote the development of unleaded aviation fuel.

Sen. Ted Lieu bill cracking down on cheating contractors goes to Gov. Brown

August 22, 2014

Measure goes after unsafe work from ‘underground economy’

SACRAMENTO – A key step to help curb California’s underground economy by cracking down on contractors who cheat passed the state Senate today and now goes to Gov. Brown.

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