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VENTURA COUNTY STAR: California 745 new laws cover everything from soup to tanning beds

January 01, 2012

All ages to be affected by changes
By Timm Herdt

SACRAMENTO — California will usher in 2012 with 745 new laws on its books — and if you like shark fin soup, are in the habit of carrying around an unloaded handgun, or are the parent of a teenager who frequents tanning salons — there are some you need to be aware of.

It was a relatively slow year for new laws as the Legislature, constrained by falling state revenues, passed the fewest bills in nearly 50 years.

Gov. Jerry Brown pared things down more by issuing 125 vetoes.

Ban on children using tanning beds, increased job training, and insurance equality among Ted Lieu bills taking effect Jan. 1, 2012

December 14, 2011
05-09-11 Vert of Lieu at podium.jpg

Legislature, governor, approve key laws by Senator Lieu      

SACRAMENTO – Creating jobs, ensuring equality and banning children from using cancer-causing tanning beds are among the laws by freshman Sen. Ted W. Lieu taking effect Jan. 1, 2012. 

HERMOSA BEACH EASY READER: Lieu keeps governor’s pen busy

October 20, 2011

South Bay State Senator Ted Lieu found a sympathetic pen in Governor Jerry Brown earlier this month when the governor signed the following authored by Lieu:

SB 746 makes California the only state in the nation to ban the use of indoor tanning booths by anyone under 18.

SB 698 is intended to reduce unemployment by raising the standards for job training programs.

SB 757 requires out-of-state health insurers to comply with California’s anti-discrimination laws in providing domestic partners the same coverage that is provided to spouses.


October 10, 2011

SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Jerry Brown capped a month of bill signings and vetoes with a frantic final day Sunday, dispatching nearly 200 of the 600 bills the Legislature had sent him in the final weeks of the legislative session.

The governor signed bills to require insurers to offer health care coverage to autistic children, to allow children 12 and older to get the HPV vaccination without parental consent and to forbid teens under 18 from using tanning beds.

NBC-TV segment on tanning beds

October 12, 2011

California has banned teens from tanning. One Mid-Michigan dermatologist says it is because tanning causes melanoma. To view this 2:22-minute segment via YouTube, click on the link below.


THE CALIFORNIA AGGIE: Brown approves tanning bed ban

October 20, 2011

Legislation supports renewable energy and banning tanning beds

Gov. Jerry Brown approved Senate Bills 489 and 746 on Oct. 8 and 9, respectively.

CENTRAL MICHIGAN LIFE: California bans tanning for people under 18, local tanning salons likely unaffected if Michigan follows

October 21, 2011

By Jessica Fecteau
Beginning Jan. 1 California will ban tanning for those under 18-years-old, leading to questions of when other states will follow.

As the first U.S. state to sign the bill, California Senator Ted Lieu said it is being done to protect teens from radiation exposure and improve the health of Californians.

The current Michigan tanning law requires parents to sign a consent form in person for customers under 18, according to Michigan Compiled Laws.

TODAY SHOW: Pale fail: Trying to persuade your teenage daughter not to tan

October 14, 2011

Finally. The government steps in to do what I clearly can’t. Here in California, moms like me are cheering the news of a new law banning the use of tanning beds by anyone under age 18. (Until the law takes effect in January, children ages 14 to 17 still can use tanning beds with parental permission.)


MARVISTAPATCH.Com: Ted Lieu's Bills: Signed, Vetoed

October 15, 2011
10-15-11 MarVistaPatchTednFrntofBLDNG.jpg


The deadline passes for Gov. Jerry Brown to sign bills into law. Here's a list of what state Sen. Ted Lieudid (and didn't) get done this term.

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