COALITION FOR ECONOMIC SURVIVAL: State Senator Ted Lieu Introduces Bill to Block Rent Online Only Landlord Scheme

February 22, 2012

After reading CES' E-Newsletters regarding our efforts to organize tenants in 34 apartment complexes owned by Jones and Jone Management Company throughout L.A. to oppose their landlords demands for their rent to only be paid online, California State Senator Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) responded by taking decisive action against this abuse. Senator Lieu has just introduced Senate Bill (SB) 1055 that would require landlord to continue to accept rent by check or money order.

Here are the links to the emails that prompted Senator Lieu to take this important action:

 CES Fights New Landlord Scheme Demanding Online Rent Payment 

 CES Fight Escalates Against New Landlord Eviction Scheme

Contact Your State Senator and State Assembly Member to urge their support for SB 1055.