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TORRANCE DAILY BREEZE: Gov. Jerry Brown signs Sen. Ted Lieu’s bill to crack down on unlicensed contractors

September 18, 2014

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Wednesday a South Bay lawmaker’s bill designed to crack down on unscrupulous contractors.

Authored by state Sen. Ted Lieu , D-Redondo Beach, Senate Bill 315 increases the ability of the Contractors State License Board “to arrest and criminally charge uninsured, unlicensed contractors who undermine law-abiding contractors and skirt state contracting and advertising laws,” according to a news release from Lieu’s office.

The measure, which goes into effect Jan. 1, is designed to combat unlicensed contracting.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Partnership Walk raises $415,000 to fight poverty

September 16, 2014

By Amy Hubbard

More than 2,000 people gathered at Santa Monica Pier on Sunday for the 20th anniversary of the L.A. Partnership Walk. Spirits were high and celebrities on hand to help raise money to combat global poverty.

Staunch supporters Danny Glover, above, took pictures with fans, and fitness trainer Dion Jackson, below, snapped a photo of himself with NBC4 anchor Beverly White on Instagram. Many more Partnership Walk fans enthused on social media.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Bills take aim at sex trafficking in state

September 01, 2014


In the war against sex trafficking, every little bit helps.

More help is about to come to California from a few bills moving through the state Legislature, backed by Los Angeles County, which will make modest, yet noticeable changes in sex-trafficking enforcement.

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Bills to deter wrongful convictions go to governor

August 29, 2014

By Don Thompson

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California lawmakers sent Gov. Jerry Brown a pair of bills Friday designed to thwart or reverse wrongful criminal convictions.

They acted as the Legislature rushed to complete its work for the year ahead of Sunday's deadline.

SB980 by Sen. Ted Lieu. D-Torrance, which passed the Senate on a 32-3 vote, changes the criteria for obtaining a court order authorizing DNA testing.

SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE: Ted Lieu DNA bill goes to governor

August 29, 2014

(AP) — California lawmakers sent Gov. Jerry Brown legislation on Friday to improve management of the state’s dwindling water resources, thwart or reverse wrongful criminal convictions and take guns away from people deemed a threat to themselves or others.

A key bill in the criminal justice package, SB980 by Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, changes the criteria for obtaining a court order authorizing DNA testing.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS: Sen. Lieu to the rescue of overdrugged foster kids

August 28, 2014

Mercury News Editorial

Exposing serious societal problems is always better than turning your head. Always. That's why staff writer Karen de Sá has spent nearly a year on research to bring to light the excessive use of powerful psychiatric drugs to control the behavior of California's foster children.

But shining light on a problem doesn't automatically change anything. That takes a public outcry and ideally a champion with the power to bring about change.

So thank you, Sen. Ted Lieu.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Senate seeks to bar state from aiding federal data mining

August 28, 2014

By Patrick McGreevy

California agencies would be prohibited from helping the federal government in collecting residents' phone and Internet data without warrants under a bill given final legislative approval Thursday by the state Senate.

The measure, which next goes to Gov. Jerry Brown for consideration, was introduced by Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) in response to recent revelations of mass data collections without warrants by federal intelligence agencies.


August 28, 2014
A Torrance woman is on a quest to end cat overpopulation in the South Bay.

By Kelley Kim

Debra Corwin tells everyone she knows to go to Africa. Driven by her love for animals, she has gone to the continent four times, visiting Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda to see gorillas, jaguars, rhinoceri, and elephants in the wild.

“I just think nature and animals are so important,” Corwin, 65, said. “I love Africa. If I were younger, I would have moved there.”