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SANTA MONICA DAILY PRESS: Brief: Improving the coast

January 28, 2014

By Daily Press Staff

Santa Monica-based environmental watchdog Heal the Bay is receiving $169,000 to compile information on the benefits, costs and feasibility of three “Living Streets” programs in Los Angeles that address causes and expected effects of climate change.

TORRANCE DAILY BREEZE - LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Lieu, Anderson have right idea on NSA data searches

January 22, 2014

Re “NSA bulk data collection unconstitutional” (Opinion, Jan. 17):

I completely agree with state Senators Ted Lieu and Joel Anderson regarding their clear and decisive statement that the National Security Agency’s bulk collection program is unconstitutional. The president took an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States. The Fourth Amendment mandates U.S. citizens’ right to privacy, and that a person’s right not be violated by unreasonable searches and seizures unless there is probable cause by way of a warrant issued by a judge.

MOTHER JONES: Legislators in 6 States Want to Pull the Plug on NSA Spying—Some Literally

January 21, 2014

Bills range from non-cooperation to cutting off water and power to the agency's facilities.
—By Josh Harkinson

LOS ANGELES TIMES EDITORIAL: A new way to attack social problems -- 'pay for performance' projects

January 21, 2014

They aim to put private capital to work to solve problems such as recidivism, mental illness and homelessness.

By The Times editorial board

The cornerstone of criminal justice reform is the belief that offenders leaving prison could be prevented from committing new crimes and getting locked up all over again, if only government could find the right social service organization to provide the right programming. Crime would drop, some prisons could close and taxpayers would save money.

THE DAILY (BERKELEY) CALIFORNIAN: State Senate bill aims to limit NSA electronic data collection in California

January 20, 2014


A new bill proposed in the California Senate may prohibit state entities, including the California State University system, from assisting federal agencies in the collection of personal data from Californians.

KCET-TV LOS ANGELES: Officials Push for L.A. to Get 20 Percent of Power from Rooftop Solar

January 17, 2014

The push to make Los Angeles more energy independent is gaining steam, as a group of local, state, and federal elected officials called Friday for California's largest city to meet a fifth of its peak power needs with local solar within six years.

LOS ANGELES NEWSPAPER GROUP: NSA’s bulk data collection program unconstitutional: Ted Lieu and Joel Anderson

January 16, 2014

By Ted Lieu and Joel Anderson

Few people would quarrel with the view that the president’s primary duty is to protect and defend the United States. But that is not what the U.S. Constitution actually says. Article Two, Section One, Clause Eight of the Constitution states that before the president can take office, he must take an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE: Not taking liberties with legislative session

January 16, 2014

Bipartisan bill would forbid state from helping NSA
SACRAMENTO — As legislators arrive at the Capitol after their recess, Sacramento observers are pointing to the “big” issues that will top the agenda and grab most of the news coverage. These will understandably focus on financial matters, especially after the governor releases his budget on Friday.

CNN/CENTER FOR INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING: Medi-Cal agency to overhaul drug rehab program after critical audit

January 16, 2014

California’s Medi-Cal agency is launching an overhaul of its drug rehabilitation program in light of a damning internal audit that spotlights ham-handed oversight and confirms many findings of a yearlong investigation by The Center for Investigative Reporting and CNN.