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SC MAGAZINE: Calif. senators intro bill to stop state from aiding NSA spying

January 09, 2014

By Danielle Walker

Two California senators have introduced legislation that would ban state agencies, officials – and even corporations providing services to the state – from assisting the National Security Agency's sweeping surveillance of citizens.

KPCC/SCPR: Calif. budget: $1.49M proposed to map earthquake faults

January 09, 2014

Contained in Gov. Jerry Brown's new state budget proposal Thursday is $1.49 million for the California Department of Conservation — which is responsible for mapping earthquake faults — marking a potential turnaround for the department that has struggled to create the much-needed seismic maps in the face of budget cuts.  

UCLA DAILY BRUIN: Bill aims to prohibit Calif. colleges from helping with NSA data collection

January 09, 2014

Public universities in California would be barred from conducting research that helps the federal government collect electronic information without a warrant, if a bill introduced this week by state senators is passed.

BEVERLY PRESS: Bipartisan NSA bill introduced

January 09, 2014

In response to repeated federal admissions of widespread spying on innocent American citizens, Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) and Joel Anderson (R-San Diego) on Jan. 6 introduced a sweeping bill that would ban state agencies, officials and corporations that provide services to the state from supporting or assisting the federal government to spy or collect certain data on Californians.

WASHINGTON POST: The Switchboard: California lawmakers want to halt NSA cooperation

January 08, 2014

By Timothy B. Lee

Published every weekday, the Switchboard highlights five tech policy stories you need to read.

THE HILL: Calif. bill would halt assistance to NSA

January 08, 2014

By Julian Hattem

Lawmakers in California want to block state agencies and universities from assisting the National Security Agency (NSA) in its surveillance of Americans.

CBS-TV 13 SACRAMENTO: New bill would limit NSA's access to California records

January 07, 2014

By Tony Lopez

Democratic State Sen. Ted Lieu and other California legislators say they have a problem with how the NSA is dealing with possible dangers.

“I do agree with the NSA that this is a dangerous world that we live in,” he said. “The NSA has been violating the constitutional rights of all Americans.”

Lieu says that includes millions of Californians whose phone records have been monitored by the NSA.

“We’re trying to get the NSA to change its ways.