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CBS-TV 2/KCAL 9 LOS ANGELES: Grieving Parents, police ask Craigslist to remove ads for prescription painkillers

October 08, 2013

Prescription painkillers are being pedaled on Craigslist with deadly consequences. Jeff Nguyen reports.

SANTA MONICA LOOKOUT: New Santa Monica anti-airport group gains momentum at first meeting

October 08, 2013

By Jason Islas

A resident-led movement to turn Santa Monica Airport into a park got a major boost Thursday when more than 150 people turned out to explore the idea.

Thursday's meeting, which featured a talk by architect Mark Rios, was the first formal attempt by the coalition of airport opponents -- Airport2Park -- to drum up support for closing Santa Monica's century-old airfield and building a park on the 227-acre City-owned parcel.

LONG BEACH BUSINESS JOURNAL: Governor Brown signs law allowing retroactive tax break for California entrepreneurs

October 08, 2013

By Tiffany L. Rider

Entrepreneurs expecting to pay back taxes due to a ruling last year invalidating California’s Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) tax benefit law, are now off the hook, thanks to a new law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on October 4.

LOS ANGELES NEWS GROUP OPINION: California Shield Law made stronger by Lieu legislation: Opinion

October 08, 2013

By Los Angeles News Group editorial board

Good for state Sen. Ted Lieu, D-Redondo Beach, a perennial champion of press freedoms, whose strengthening of the California Shield Act was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown.

ANTELOPE VALLEY PRESS: Federal shield law deserves passage

October 07, 2013

There is no federal "shield law." A shield law is legislation that gives journalists certain protections when obtaining information from sources who the journalists need to remain unnamed so that the journalist can share the information with the rest of us.
In the Senate, discussions continue on what is called the "Free Flow of Information Act."
This became relevant suddenly when it became apparent that the Obama administration was actually going after more journalists than the administration of George W. Bush ever thought of doing.

SAN FRANCISCO BUSINESS TIMES: Governor nixes retroactive tax on small biz investors

October 07, 2013

By Patrick Hoge

Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation that will kill the Franchise Tax Board attempt to retroactively collect taxes from stockholders who took advantage of small business investment incentives that a court later ruled were part of an illegal program.

OHIO NEWSPAPER ASSOCIATION: New California law protects journalists’ phone records

October 07, 2013

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Thursday requiring state officials to give journalists five days’ notice before they issue subpoenas for telephone records.

The legislation was drafted by Democratic state Sen. Ted Lieu of Torrance, who sought the measure to give media outlets greater protection after it was disclosed that the U.S. Department of Justice had retrieved telephone logs of Associated Press journalists.

TORRANCE DAILY BREEZE: Business law exempts some from retro tax

October 06, 2013

By Brian Sumers

Some investors will be exempted from a specific retroactive tax under a bill introduced by Torrance Democratic state Sen. Ted Lieu and signed into law Friday by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The law affects anyone who invested money in a business covered by the California’s Qualified Small Business Stock tax benefit, which was enacted in 1993 and permitted certain tax breaks in exchange for investment in California companies. But in a 2012 decision, a California appeals court found the law violated the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution.

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Brown Signs Bill Protecting Reporters' Phone Logs

October 04, 2013

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Thursday requiring state officials to give journalists five days' notice before they issue subpoenas for telephone records.

Firm launches renewable fuel source for California

October 04, 2013

SACRAMENTO – In a development that supporters of climate change hope will resonate statewide, Sen. Ted W. Lieu today praised the local launch of the first renewable natural gas fuel made from organic waste and available to fleets as well as everyday cars and trucks.