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HERMOSA BEACH EASY READER: Saluting the Fallen - Memorial Day in Redondo Beach

May 28, 2013

About 500 people turned out to Veteran’s Park to commemorate Memorial Day on Monday afternoon. Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi was the keynote speaker for the event, which Lt. Col. Tom Lasser (retired) emceed.

TORRANCE DAILY BREEZE: Districts split on funding plan

May 27, 2013

Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to fundamentally revamp the way schools are funded isn’t pitting Republicans vs. Democrats so much as it is pitting suburban districts against urban ones — and leaders in Torrance are playing a key role in organizing the statewide opposition.

THE HUFFINGTON POST: California Journalist Shield Law Extension Proposed After AP Wiretapping Scandal

May 26, 2013

By Aaron Sankin

In the wake of revelations that the Department of Justice secretly obtained two months of phone records from the Associated Press as part of a leak investigation, elected officials around the country have started looking at how to prevent similar government intrusions on press freedoms from occurring at the state level.

LOS ANGELES NEWS GROUP: Sen. Ted Lieu bill would protect news organizations

May 23, 2013

South Bay lawmaker is moving to protect California reporters and news organizations against secret investigations from law enforcement.

State Sen. Ted Lieu announced Thursday that he is adding language to Senate Bill 558 that would require California law enforcement to give news organizations five days notice before issuing a subpoena to a third-party vendor, like an Internet service provider or telephone company.

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Bill would protect Calif. reporters' phone records

May 23, 2013


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — State agencies would be required to give journalists five days' notice before they issue subpoenas to a third-party company for telephone records under legislation announced Thursday by a state senator.

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: State bill seeks notice before media subpoenas

May 23, 2013

Responding to the Obama administration's seizure of Associated Press telephone records in a leak investigation, a California lawmaker backed by newspaper publishers proposed Thursday to require authorities to give the media five days' notice before going after their phone or e-mail records.