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LOS ANGELES TIMES: Pay phone payouts

June 02, 2013

Most people don't use pay phones anymore. But, if they do, they shouldn't get a bill of up to $20 for a 20-second call, state Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) says.

NBC NEWS SAN DIEGO: School Safety Bill Clears Assembly Hurdle

June 01, 2013
updated 5/31/2013 2:17:22 PM ET
Worried parents may soon have a better idea if their child's school keeps and practices an updated emergency safety plan.  A bill aimed at tighter regulations on school safety has cleared a first hurdle in the California Senate.
Recent tragedies in Newtown, Conn. and Moore, Okla. have renewed questions about safety in San Diego schools.

SANTA ROSA PRESS DEMOCRAT: State OKs bill to rescind tax

June 01, 2013

The state Senate has approved legislation that would rescind a retroactive tax on business owners.

Lawmakers voted 34-3 Thursday in favor of SB 209, which would reverse a Franchise Tax Board ruling that affects up to 2,500 business owners.

The owners had claimed a tax exemption for the sale of small businesses within the past five years. The tax board retroactively ended the exemption after losing an appellate court lawsuit last year.

As a result, the owners could owe up to $150 million in taxes and interest.

TORRANCE DAILY BREEZE: Senate rejects bill to ban plastic bags

May 31, 2013

The state Senate on Thursday rejected a bill that would have phased out the use of single-use plastic checkout bags in grocery, drug and convenience stores.

Democratic Sen. Alex Padilla of Los Angeles, who authored the bill, said he will try again next year.

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Calif. bills intended to strengthen school safety

May 30, 2013

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The state Senate has unanimously passed two bills designed to better safeguard teachers and students from attacks.

SACRAMENTO BEE: California Senate passes modified state tax break for investors

May 30, 2013

Legislation that would partially reinstate a tax break for investors in small California companies cleared the state Senate on Thursday despite complaints from some senators that it doesn't go far enough and others that it goes too far.

KPCC-Southern California Public Radio: California state senate approves tougher GPS monitoring bill

May 29, 2013

By Julie Small

The California state senate Tuesday unanimously approved SB57, a bill to increase the penalties for paroled sex offenders who cut off their GPS monitoring devices.  The legislation is one of dozens of bills introduced to address problems caused by prison realignment.

In 2011, the legislature enacted realignment to shift responsibility for the incarceration and post-release supervision of low-level felons from the state to the counties.   They did that to comply with a federal court order to relieve overcrowding in state prisons.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Senate advances tougher penalties for some sex offenders

May 29, 2013

The measure by Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) was one of dozens of bills approved as lawmakers face a Friday deadline for moving legislation out of the house in which it originated.

TORRANCE DAILY BREEZE: California State Senate backs Lieu bill strengthening penalties for parolees who cut off ankle monitors

May 29, 2013

By Kristin S. Agostoni

The state Senate on Tuesday approved a bill from South Bay lawmaker Ted Lieu that would impose tougher penalties for convicted sex offenders who cut off their ankle-mounted GPS monitors.

The penalty for the first offense would be a mandatory parole revocation and six months in a county jail. For the second offense, parole would be revoked for a mandatory period of a year in a county jail. And for third and subsequent offenses, the removal would constitute a felony punishable by 16 months, two years or three years in state prison.