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SANTA MONICA DAILY PRESS: Protecting the rights of juveniles

January 17, 2014

At the age of 14, Michael Crowe, along with two 15-year-old friends, was charged with fatally stabbing his sister, Stephanie, at their Escondido home.

After several hours of nearly non-stop interrogations, Crowe and one friend confessed.

Later, a judge ruled the questionings psychologically abusive and coercive. But it wasn’t until a year after the killing that the charges were dropped — and only then because DNA tests found Stephanie’s blood on the sweatshirt of a mentally ill homeless man who had been in the neighborhood.

LOS ANGELES NEWSPAPER GROUP: NSA’s bulk data collection program unconstitutional: Ted Lieu and Joel Anderson

January 17, 2014

By Ted Lieu and Joel Anderson

Few people would quarrel with the view that the president’s primary duty is to protect and defend the United States. But that is not what the U.S. Constitution actually says. Article Two, Section One, Clause Eight of the Constitution states that before the president can take office, he must take an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

SANTA MONICA DAILY PRESS OPINION: State’s older adult education programs must be saved

June 19, 2013

By Sen. Ted W. Lieu

California has a long and glorious history of providing educational opportunities to all segments of its population. Lately, however, this commitment to life-long learning has faltered, and we should all be concerned.

TORRANCE DAILY BREEZE: Meet the 28th Senate District Woman of the Year

May 08, 2013

By Sen. Ted W. Lieu

 (In celebration of National Women’s History Month, each member of the California Assembly and Senate may honor a woman from his or her district.)

When Donna Duperron was in the third grade, she would gather up the neighborhood children and ‘play’ school, complete with worksheets and lessons on counting or learning the ABCs.

HERMOSA BEACH THE EASY READER: Community college training key to California economy

February 21, 2013

El Camino College offers a one-year, welding certification program. A bill authored by State Senator Ted Lieu helped preserve funding for the program. Photo by Dwight Ueda/El Camino College

by Ted W. Lieu, Senator, 28th Senate District

THE JURIST: California became first state to crack down on bogus ‘gay cures’ for minors

January 14, 2013

By California State Sen. Ted W. Lieu,
D-Los Angeles

Banning the Dangerous Quackery of Reparative Therapy

MANHATTAN BEACH PATCH: Families deserve the right to mourn in peace

October 12, 2012

By Sen. Ted W. Lieu
28th Senate District

(Sen. Lieu, a USAF reservist in the JAG Corps, was named 2011 Lawmaker of the Year by the Vietnam Veterans of America, California State Council.)

For two years I’ve worked with a broad coalition of Democrats, Republicans and veterans groups on legislation to protect grieving families in California from hate-filled funeral protests.

IN TED'S WORDS: Bringing peace of mind to renters, keeping their options open

August 01, 2012

By Sen. Ted W. Lieu
28th Senate District

Last September thousands of tenants living in more than 30 apartment complexes in the Los Angeles area were surprised by an unexpected message from their landlord.

“This letter is intended as a 90-day notice for the purpose of modifying the terms of your tenancy. Effective December 1, 2011, you will be required to pay your rent ON-LINE.”